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Loon Preservation Project



Inspired by a project conducted in the Kezar Lake Watershed by Lee Attix of Loon Conservation Associates, the Association is seeking funding to conduct a common loon (Gavia immer) study on both Great and Long Ponds to develop a comprehensive plan in order to support and grow the loon population in a sustainable manner. With this plan, we would be better prepared to establish and maintain nesting areas that are sensible and well-protected.


Volunteers on the two lakes have always understood the significant of these beautiful birds within our environment. Each year, many volunteers canvas the waters for loons in support of the annual Audubon Loon Count. These loon-lovers and stewards of the environment are willing and able; with the necessary funding and resulting study, the Association will be better equipped to educate these volunteers and maximize their impact on the region.


The Belgrade Lakes Association, consisting of 560 members in 2018, works hard to foster strong relationships in an effort to create a sustainable environment within the watershed. The Association has been involved in providing educational opportunities in the region related to water quality and the environment; we have also been working cooperatively with Colby College on several water quality-related initiatives, served as the region’s leader in milfoil remediation and prevention, provided support for the study and treatment of phosphorus-related blooms, as well as providing support for land conservation in order to protect the water resources.


The impact of climate change on our environment is significant and we must gain a better perspective of its impact on our resources. These changes have impacted the common loon and its habits within the region. We understand that pollutants have an impact on the loon population; we strive to minimize such negative effect. Our Association seeks to be proactive in supporting the loon population.


The targeted study is to be completed by Lee Attix, a demonstrated research and conservation professional. The project would include a comprehensive study of the watershed area, a survey of the two lakes, consulting on effective loon management strategies, public presentations, volunteer training, contaminant analysis, among other helpful, important tasks to enable the Belgrade Lakes Association to leverage its volunteer pool in protecting and strengthening the common loon population.


Number of People Served by the Project: 5,900 year-round residents, plus an approximate 4,400 seasonal residents


Geographic Area Served by the Project: The primary focus of this project will take place within the watersheds of Great Pond and Long Pond in the towns of Rome, Belgrade, and Mount Vernon, within Kennebec County, Maine. The project covers approximately 133 square miles, of which 26.5 acres is water.


Time frame for the Project: 2019-2020, primarily depending on weather.

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