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BLA Annual Report


Long Pond from French's Mountain

 2012 Treasurer’s Report 

I am pleased to report that as of the end of the fiscal year, December 31, 2012, your Belgrade Lakes Association remains in solid financial condition with total assets of $272,191 and net assets of $226,974.  This compares favorably with 2011’s respective end of year positions of $246,400 and $186,218.  Total revenue in 2012 was $332,536, an increase of $213,121 from 2011.   The increase is accounted for by the substantial 2012 contribution of $228,264 you made to the crucial Stop Milfoil challenge.  Operating expenses were $276,686, including $203,661 allocated to the Stop Milfoil effort.  Excluding Stop Milfoil, 2012 operating expenses were lower at $73,025 compared with $79,493 in 2011. 

As of July 31, 2013 the Belgrade Lakes Association is continuing to receive excellent support from you, the members, enabling the Association to move forward onnumerous environmental and community efforts.  As of July 31st membership dues are $47,152compared with $38,370 at this time in 2012.  With 2 weekends to go the annual raffle proceeds of $15,731are on track with budgeted expectations of $18,500 and compare favorably with 2012’s complete raffle total of $16,282.

Thanks to your membership and generosity, BLA is able to sustain ongoing efforts to conserve the natural heritage of our Great and Long Ponds.

Thank you all for your continued support – it has never been more important.

Respectfully Submitted, 

John Atkinson, Treasurer 

2012 Development Committee Report 

The Development Committee raises the funds necessary to support the ongoing programs of the Belgrade Lakes Association which include the courtesy boat inspection program, LakeSmart, education of our membership and stakeholders, and various other initiatives to protect and preserve the water quality in Great and Long Ponds. 

Our major initiative is the Annual Raffle. This year Hamlin’s Marine donated a Godfrey 18’ Pontoon Boat, motor, and trailer valued at $16,375 as our grand prize. If you have not purchased your raffle tickets yet, please support our cause. We plan to have a neighbor reception at the Maine Lakes Resource Center on August 18, from 5 – 8pm for the raffle prize drawings. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Liz Fontaine

2012 Membership Committee Report 

For 2012, we projected (and hoped) that 70% of last year’s members would renew and that the average dues contribution would be $70. As of July 13, 2012, the deadline set for this report, we had met our renewal goal and the average dues contribution was $75---way beyond our expectations. If we add in brand new members and former members who have returned, we are 92% of the way toward meeting last year’s total membership of 629 with five months remaining in the fiscal year. 

We cannot say how much we appreciate your response. Membership dues contributions make up more than one-half of the total Belgrade Lakes Association's planned income ($91,100) for 2012, the other major sources coming from the annual raffle and annual appeal conducted by the Development Committee. In total, this is the income the Belgrade Lakes Association uses to fund LakeSmart, courtesy boat inspections, educational boat trips on the Melinda Ann, and other ‘boots-on-the-ground’ and education programs. 

Getting much less attention is the fact that membership income also helps pay for operational basics: rent, utilities, office supplies, newsletters, member recruitment, the member database, event advertising, the website, and special events for members such as this Annual Meeting, just to name 

a few. We couldn’t do all of this without you. 

You, the members, are the bedrock that has always enabled the Belgrade Lakes Association to initiate projects and then partner with the BRCA and others to keep them going. A recent example of this is the Belgrade Lakes Association's partnership in a major and urgent program, StopMilfoil, begun earlier this year to interrupt the march of invasive Variable Milfoil into Great Pond’s North Bay by way of Great Meadow Stream. You will learn more about that effort in this Annual Report and at the meeting. 

Respectfully submitted, 

The 2012 Belgrade Lakes Association Membership Committee 

Polly Beatie, chair, Susan Littlefield,  Maureen Maslak,  Linda Kallin, Phyllis Matson and Barbara Barrett 

2012 Water Quality Committee Report 

Understandably most of the Belgrade Lakes Association’s efforts this year are focused on the Stop Milfoil Campaign. The Stop Milfoil task force has a separate report outlining the results of that program. The Belgrade Lakes Association supports a number of programs to preserve and protect the water quality of Great and Long Ponds. Here are some of our accomplishments in 2012: 


The LakeSmart program was started by the Maine DEP in 2003 as a way to encourage shorefront property owners to use lake-friendly practices on their property. The process starts with a property owner scheduling a visit with a LakeSmart evaluator. The evaluation involves a site visit to review 

the landscape and its maintenance in four categories: 

• Road, Driveway and Parking 

• Structures and Septic systems

• Lawn, Recreation area and Footpaths 

• Shorefront and Beach area 

To date, 157 property owners on Great and Long Ponds have received LakeSmart awards or commendations. This season we have 48 properties signed up for LakeSmart screening. To schedule an evaluation please contact the Belgrade Lakes Association office.

Invasive Plant Programs 

Courtesy Boat Inspections prevent the introduction of invasive plants from boats entering the lakes via public ramps. This season the Belgrade Lakes Association funded paid inspectors for 60 hours/week at both Great and Long Pond boat ramps. 

Water Quality Monitoring 

Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program Belgrade Lakes Association volunteers perform biweekly monitoring of clarity (secchi depth). Oxygen levels and phosphorus levels are measured throughout the summer months through participation in the State-wide Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP). The results are used to identify long-term trends in water quality. 

The Belgrade Lakes Association's Gloeotrichia Observation Program coordinates this program to provide data on trends in location, duration, and severity of gloeotrichia blooms. Volunteers collect observation data at over 

20 locations around Great and Long Ponds for research. 

For more information on the Belgrade Lakes Association’s water quality programs, please visit our website at 

Respectfully submitted, 

Pat Donahue

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