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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Become a Member of the Belgrade Lakes Association and help
"protect and preserve" our lakes

Belgrade Lakes Association Memberships are not just for the grown-ups!


  Consider what You Can Do to Protect These Lakes:


Please join the Belgrade Lakes Association today!   Help us preserve the unique natural beauty of these ponds.   As a member you will receive many benefits: a news-filled live website and a warm welcome to the Annual Meeting every July.   In addition, members possess the priceless knowledge that they, too, help protect and preserve these lovely ponds for generations to come.  

Belgrade Lakes Associations' Volunteers Reen Maslak and Maggie Shannon

The Belgrade Lakes Association could not exist without the many volunteers who generously donate their time and money. How can you help to preserve these spectacular lakes?

Click Here to Volunteer!



Raffle Tickets will once again be available for sale in the Village on Memorial Day weekend!

Proceeds from our Annual Raffle are dedicated to Belgrade Lakes Association's programs for improving our water quality of our Great and Long Ponds and to further protect and preserve the Belgrade Lakes and our Watershed.  Your support allows numerous ongoing programs to reduce phosphorous pollution, block invasive species, prevent duck itch and better understand and combat Gloeotricia and the other blue-green algaes.   Thank you for your continued support.

Three of your many 'beloved' 2017 Village Raffle Table Volunteers!

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DONATE TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY, by Bert Languet  (Reprinted from the 2019 BLA Summer Newsletter)

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