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Monday, December 6, 2021


2020 Long Pond Watershed Survey


2020-21 Long Pond Watershed Survey

On September 22- 23, 2020, the Belgrade Lakes Association (BLA) conducted a survey of the developed land areas in the Long Pond watershed which included portions of land within the towns of Mount Vernon, Belgrade, Rome, Vienna and New Sharon. The purpose of the survey was to identify and prioritize sources of erosion and stormwater runoff that may affect the water quality of the lake, which is considered impaired for not meeting state water quality standards due to a decline in water quality over the past 30 years. The last survey of the Long Pond watershed was conducted in 2002, 18 years ago.  

Current information is needed to help develop a watershed management plan that will protect and improve water quality.  A new survey was also a necessary step for applying and receiving grant funding from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  These funds can provide cost-sharing opportunities landowners, road associations, and towns to complete improvements identified during the survey.  Acquiring grant funding is a 2- to 3-year process that begins with the volunteer assisted watershed survey, followed by updating the watershed management plan.

Town of Mount Vernon residents owning land in the Long Pond watershed had received a letter from BLA the week of August 17th requesting permission to survey your property. Participation in the survey was voluntary and landowners did not need to be present to participate. All survey work was completed in compliance with state COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of survey volunteers and landowners.

The 2020 Long Pond Watershed Survey

The 2018 Great Pond Watershed Survey


For more information contact the BLA at: (207) 512-5150 or email


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COVID-19 Update


As many of you prepare to come back to the lake, it would be well to check with the Maine CDC to get the most up to date information as your departure time nears. We hope to see you soon!

Belgrade Lakes Water Temperatures - Forget it!! See you next summer!!!



Loon Preservation Project





For 2021, your Belgrade Lakes Association is now into their third year of their Loon Preservation Project with renowned expert Lee Attix of Loon Conservation Associates.  We continue to solicit funding to conduct a common loon (Gavia immer) study on both Great and Long Ponds to develop a comprehensive plan in order to support and grow the loon population in a sustainable manner. With this plan, we will be better prepared to establish and maintain nesting areas that are sensible and well-protected.


Volunteers on the two lakes have always understood the significant of these beautiful birds within our environment. Each year, many volunteers canvas the waters for loons in support of the annual Audubon Loon Count. These loon-lovers along with the BLA and like stewards of the environment are willing and able; with the necessary funding and resulting study, to better assist and educate all of the volunteers and maximize their impact on the region.


The Belgrade Lakes Association, consisting of 575 members as of late 2021, continues to work hard to foster strong relationships in an effort to create a sustainable environment within the watershed. The Association has been involved in providing educational opportunities in the region related to water quality and the environment; we have also been working cooperatively with Colby College on several water quality-related initiatives, served as the region’s leader in milfoil remediation and prevention, provided support for the study and treatment of phosphorus-related blooms, as well as providing support for land conservation in order to protect the water resources.


The impact of weather on our environment can be significant and we must gain a better perspective of its impact on our resources. These changes have impacted the common loon and its habits within the region. We understand that pollutants have an impact on the loon population so we all must strive to minimize such negative effects. Our Association seeks to be proactive in supporting our loon population rather than be caught flat footed wondering what happened to our loons!






The targeted study is being organized by Lee Attix, a demonstrated research and conservation professional. The project includes a comprehensive study of the watershed area, a survey of the two lakes, consulting on effective loon management strategies, public presentations, volunteer training, contaminant analysis, among other helpful, important tasks to enable the Belgrade Lakes Association to leverage its volunteer pool in protecting and strengthening the common loon population.

Number of People Served by the Project: 5,900 year-round residents, plus an approximate 4,400 seasonal residents 

Geographic Area Served by the Project: The primary focus of this project takes place within the watersheds of Great Pond and Long Pond in the towns of Rome, Belgrade, and Mount Vernon, within Kennebec County, Maine. The project covers approximately 133 square miles, of which 26.5 acres is water.

 Time frame for the Project: 2019-2023.  We have successfully completed our 3rd year!

2019 Monitoring Summary Report

 2020 Monitoring Summary Report 

2021 Monitoring Summary Report



New BLA Loon Nest Great Pond 2021



BLA Loon Nest Upper Long Pond 2020




25 yr old Floating nest upper Long Pond 2019


July 24th, 2020 Loon Survey Update

For the results of the 2020 Audubon Loon Count:

2019 Great Pond     2019 Long Pond

A Special Thank you goes out to our 2021 dedicated Loon Volunteers that gave up so much of their personal time to assist with our weekly Loon Surveys.  We could not have this sucessful project without their service and support.  Thank you all!!

Joan Amon, Sandy Colt, Paul Feinberg, Blaine and Nattie Horrocks, Elaine and Roger Karabin, Matthew, Alex and Tim McManus, Russ Sabia, Ruth Vigue, Alex Wall  and many others







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Maine Lakes Boating Rules



Maine's 200 ft No Wake Zone:  

It is illegal to operate a vessel at greater than “headway speed” (the slowest speed at which it is still possible to maintain steering and control of the vessel) while:

            Within 200 feet of any shoreline, including islands 

Exception: Vessels may operate at greater than headway speed in the areas listed above while actively fishing or while following a direct course to pick up or drop off skiers.

There are many common sense reasons for this NO WAKE law but there are also many that most of us are not aware of:
Safety of other boaters
Prevention of damage to boats tied up to docks 
Reduction of shoreline erosion and more importantly
Protection of our wildlife habitat, Loon nesting sites in particular, 11 on Long Pond, 13 on Great Pond!

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To protect and improve the watershed of Great Pond and Long Pond through preservation, education, and action.

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