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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

STOP Invasive Aquatic Plants

STOP Invasive Aquatic Plants!




Learn how to distinguish our invasive milfoils from the many native species found in our Maine Waters.  Sharon Mann will be presenting Powerpoint presentations at the MLRC (Maine Lakes Resource Center) right here in the Belgrade Lakes Village this summer so stay tuned!


A Great Meadow Stream Variable Leaf Milfoil infestation

Way back in 2012, your Belgrade Lakes Association kicked off a major campaign to control the milfoil infestation at Great Meadow Stream and North Bay in Great Pond and the battle continues.  In 2024 with a myriad of additional threats, we have upped the ante.

Read below to learn more and please watch this space for current news and information. 

2024 Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants - New, Updated!

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2017 was another pivotal year in the fight to control milfoil in our Belgrade Lakes.  

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Stop Milfoil Campaign gets at boost from Skowhegan Savings Bank

With your help, we can stop the spread of milfoil and other invasive aquatic plants.  Please help us with your support today.

Please Donate Today by selecting Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants or your program of choice.


Milfoil Removal Teams and Invasive Aquatic Survey Teams

Volunteers are needed this summer to work with teams of people to help remove milfoil identified at Great Meadow Stream, at the north end of Great Pond. There will be volunteer milfoil pulling days on Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer. Volunteers will receive training and work in teams. Volunteers are also needed to help out on routine surveys conducted around Great Pond and Long Pond to search for invasive plants. 

To Volunteer, complete the online Volunteer Form or contact our 7 Lakes Alliance Milfoil Coordinator, Sharon Mann at (207) 512-5554, or send an email to   There are several ways you can help in preventing the spread of Milfoil and other invasive Plants by becoming a Volunteer!

Courtesy Boat Inspections

Individuals can also help stop the spread of invasive species in our lakes by volunteering as Courtesy Boat Inspectors at the public boat ramps on Great Pond and Long Pond. The Belgrade Lakes Association provides funding for paid Courtesy Boat Inspectors throughout the summer covering critical times at the ramps; but volunteers are also needed to fill in those times that cannot be covered by the paid staff. To become a Courtesy Boat Inspector, please complete the online Volunteer Form or contact our 7 Lakes Alliance Milfoil Coordinator, Sharon Mann at (207) 512-5554, or send an email to  


Back in 2012, the STOP MILFOIL Capital Campaign had an initial $500,000 goal and was designed to meet our funding needs for the next three years.  Well, it is now twelve years later and all of our efforts to control the infestation, has controlled the menace but not eliminated the threat. All monies raised has been used exclusively for milfoil related activities on Great and Long Pond.  Today, due to the presence of additonal invasive aquatic plants now in our watershed, the STOP MILFOIL program has morphed into the STOP INVASIVE AQUATIC PLANTS program and will continue to be a successful ongoing effort, and totally dependent upon our member and community support.


2024 Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants Campaign

YES!  I want to join hundreds of others who support the work of the Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants Task Force and stop the spread of these invasive in our lakes.  

Level of Support:    $1,000     $500     $250     $100     Other $___________


Thank you for your continued support!  The Belgrade Lakes Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with all donations tax-deductible.

All checks and support should be addressed to the Belgrade Lakes Association - Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants Program and mailed to:

Belgrade Lakes Association – Stop Invasive Plants
P.O. Box 551
Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918

Or online by scrolling down to the below right Donate dropdown menu and selecting the Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants option.

Your support is greatly appreciated!  Thank You.


Milfoil ….The Facts
  • Variable milfoil was first positively identified in Great Meadow Stream in July 2010.
  • By September 2011 the milfoil infestation had spread into North Bay of Great Pond.
  • Variable milfoil is an invasive aquatic plant that has no natural enemies and grows in very shallow areas all the way out to where the water is 15 to 20’ deep.
  • Variable milfoil forms a thick mat on the surface that greatly reduces the recreational value of a lake, makes swimming impossible and boating very difficult.
  • Left unchecked, variable milfoil could grow around virtually the entire shoreline of both Great and Long Pond.
  • Milfoil can drive down shorefront property values and have a negative impact on local business.
  • The milfoil in Great Pond is now in a very small area and can be contained ... if we really go after it this year.
  • Our successful remediation had started in 2010 and will continue in 2024 as long as the threat remains.
  • An equally aggressive plan is in place for 2013 that has four major components:
    • Community awareness and education
    • Controlling access to milfoil infested areas
    • Field Action: Hand pulling milfoil in Great Meadow Stream and North Bay, placing benthic barriers and surveying Great and Long Pond for new milfoil outbreaks
    • Fund Raising
  • A Surface Use Restriction was established by the Maine Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIFW). No boats of any kind were allowed in Great Meadow Stream or the north portion of North Bay in Great Pond initially from March 23, 2012 through September 21, 2012. Then no motorized boats were allowed from September 22, 2012 through December 31, 2012 and now, the same surface use restriction has been extended through 2024.
  • A commercial milfoil mitigation company, New England Milfoil, is under contract to lead the hand pulling operation again this summer.
  • A second milfoil pulling team and a survey team will once again be funded by the Belgrade Lakes Association with logistics provided by the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (BRCA).
  • Work on the water will start in late May and continue for 16 weeks to mid September.
  • The Maine Lakes Resource Center will continue as our information center for all milfoil activities.
  • Your help is needed including volunteers and donations of money, equipment, watercraft and housing.
  • In 2012, 48,648 gallons of milfoil were removed.  In 2013, 28,939.  In 2014, 12,960 gallons were removed and 4,675 gallons in 2015 so as you can see, our remediation efforts have been highly successful but it continues to be an ongoing process to which your Belgrade Lakes Association is committed.   This battle is an ongoing effort by your Belgrade Lakes Association. Thank you once again for your support!

Variable Milfoil Infestation of Great Meadow Stream and High Risk Areas of Great Pond and Long Pond.  To see larger image click the map.

                                                                     A variable leaf milfoil infested lake.





To protect and improve the watershed of Great Pond and Long Pond through preservation, education, and action.

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Support BLA

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